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Résumé du bâtiment

Guillaume Gioé is a young DJ born and raised in South Of France now based in London, who discovered House music at the age of 14 years old, he bought his first record, then few years later his first turntables and learned music by himself.

Guillaume spent a lot of times in clubs seated next to DJs, watching them which allowed him to developed his musical style and his creativity and learned the history of House Music & Disco from his mentor, Mozart (Limelight).

Guillaume better known musically as Gioé, starts his career 10 years ago in Cannes, his hometown, with the famous LIMELIGHT partiesPlaying alongside big names like Apollonia, Luciano, Black Coffee, Richie Ahmed, &me, Matthias Tanzmann, Adriatique, Waff and many more.

Moving to London in 2014, Guillaume soon got a residency at The Egg & BEAT, as well as playing in other big venues like The Cuckoo Club, Raffles… In the same time he starts his collaboration with the daytime party label “Le Bal des Fous” becoming a pillar dj of this 5000 disguised people event.

In recent years he worked closely with the Limelight team on several projects (Limelight party, Aperosonore, Le Bal des fous) & the Space Cowboys (London) and got recently a residency at the new trendy club on the French riviera, “Bisous Bisous”, which is exclusively dedicated to House Music.

Gioé describes his music style as being a mix between House Music, deep-tech and melodic house with a touch of Disco influences. Today, Gioé shares his time between playing and producing, his first EP featured with Sacha Muki named “La Castre” (named as a tribute to their childhood) got released in November 2020.

Spending this last year in confinement, Guillaume worked a lot at his studio on new projects, edits & remixes.

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Sacha Muki & Gioé - La Castre ep - NEIN Records - 2020

Sacha Muki & Gioé - Lérins ep - NEIN Records - 2020

Sacha Muki & Gioé - Maschou ep - NEIN Records - 2020

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