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Passionate about music from an early age, Mozart bought his first vinyl at the age of 7 and then spent his teenage years in discotheques ...

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...first as a light jockey and then as a substitute DJ. He finally got his first job as a DJ in 1988 in the club inside the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. His music was then steeped in disco... but that year, he went to a discoteque exhibition in Rimini (Italy) and brought back the latest tendency : House music. It was then that Stéphane was renamed Mozart by one of his customers who argued that if Mozart were still alive, he would compose and play this music!


1990, Back from New York, steeped in the underground, Mozart launches the LIMELIGHT parties at Studio Circus under the benevolent eye of Mr Pacini. Always at the forefront of the latest news and imports, Mozart forged a solid reputation as the resident dj of his parties and invited a multitude of djs to perform with him. The following year,

Lenny Dee and the boss of LIMELIGHT in New York, invited to Cannes for the Midem and charmed by Mozart's conviction and professionalism, gave him their blessing to continue using "LIMELIGHT" on French territory. 2 years later he organised the biggest rave in the south for 7000 clubbers.

The parties went on and on and Mozart, tired of running around Europe to find the latest imports, decided in 1993 to create his own record shop "Limelight records" reserved only for djs and frequented by the greatest. The shop closed its doors after almost 15 years of decibels!

1995 marks Mozart's first steps as art director and creator of concepts, with the opening in 1995 of the Velvet discoteca (which imported the concept of gogo to France), in 1998 the Park Avenue, in 1999 the Stratège "limelight restaurant", in 2004 the Winterclub at Baoli, in 2005 Discoteca, in 2006 the Palais Club  (for which he will assume the art direction until 2010), BOBIN'O club in Paris for the 2007-2008 winter season, Le DA DA DA, a magnificent intimate club with a quirky and decadent atmosphere, in 2010 the P'tit bar HQ of the trendy youth and in 2011 the Gotha Club.

Without forgetting the LIMELIGHT which continued at the Studio Circus (and the opening of the Dôme in 1992) then at the PALAIS and the Gotha Club always with prestigious guests and which are present since 2004 at each International Cannes Film Festival.

2012 saw the creation of a new label, Mozart wanted to break the bling bling codes of today's discos, he opted for a daytime & outdoor party, where eccentricity was the only rule, and so was born Le Bal des Fous, a counter-culture to the formatted party that our audience has appropriated to the point of all wearing costumes, from the most incredible to the most ridiculous, echoing this desire to break away from the overly glittery codes of the time.

Stopped in the middle of its rise by sanitary restrictions, the Bal des Fous takes place at the first floor huge terrasse of the Palais des Festivals and now plays each date sold out, every Sunday in summer 5000 "Fous" take part in this wild carnival with a background of House Music of course!


Another label, this time itinerant but still outdoor, APEROSONORE as its name indicates proposes to chill out to start at apero time, to finish on an improvised dancefloor on on the sand or the snow according to the seasons (Majestic Hotel Cannes & Isola 2000). From his collaboration with the famous Palace was also born Le Boudoir Majestic, trendy lounge bar & restaurant with asian flavors and creatives signature cocktails.

The latest of Mozart's concepts is the Bisous Bisous club, inside the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, a club with a neo-seventies decor, a dancefloor that is always central and allows dance afficionados to express themselves.


Mozart has been claiming his passion for house music for more than thirty years, an undisputed actor of the underground in France, he will never stop developing strong concepts, impregnated with art.

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