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Back in 1989, on the scorching French Riviera, NICOLAS MASSEYEFFʼs long affection for electronic music first began. After that first kiss, then the man spent 15 years in his hometown as a record dealer, Limelight Records, and turn...

Drawing inspiration from a wide sonic plane that includes minimalism, jazz, new wave, Detroit techno and Chicago house, itʼs producers like Steve Reich, John Cage, Carl Craig, UR, Basic Channel and Larry Heard that Masseyeff looks up to. Itʼs no surprise, then, that in 1998 Nico began experimenting on his own.

Only in 2006 was he happy with the musical identity he had forged for himself, though, so only then did he release his first productions... As such, French label Zebra 3 served up his Hostages EP before the Frenchman then released on John Henry Records (run by esteemed producer John ʻZoo Brazilʼ Andersson).

Since then he has returned to the label to release several tracks under the alias Vedrenn and has become a core part of the Plantage 13 crew that also includes the likes of Stephan Bodzin, Super Flu, Herzblut, Rekorder and Monaberry.

Once producing full time and having sadly left the record store, the releases came thick and fast. ʻDevaʼʼs melody seduced Stephan Bodzin enough for him to put it in the spotlight courtesy of a release on his Herzblut Recordings (2008), then went on to release another trio of Masseyeff EPs.

2009 also saw Nico pair with long-time friend and much-hyped producer Oxia. Together they crafted ʻTrying Outʼ for the 5 year anniversary compilation of Marc Romboyʼs Systematic, then ʻKeep the Drumsʼ for London label Tsuba in 2010. whilst they have also remixed Bodzin and Romboyʼs Astronomic Luna project to great acclaim, alongside plenty of other names from across the electronic world.

In November 2011, Masseyeffʼs first full length project, The Motherland came out; itʼs an odyssey into the manʼs mind, featuring twists and turns, blissful sections and joie de vivre, but also melancholia and sorrow, just like in his life... Remixes and originals on Noir Music, Suara, Kaiser Disco’s KD Music, Systematic, Materials and Ostwind, as well as studio time with Miss Kittin and some live / studio works for Kavinsky, a new event series with his Limelight crew and more collabs with Oxia all followed and continued to mark out Masseyeff as a singular talent.

2012 together with his partners in crime – the Limelight crew – launched a new kind of event series in Cannes, called Le Bal des Fous. All events take place on a Sunday afternoon in unusual venues and are entirely dedicated to their love for house music.

2014 & 2015 brings him to new shores. The Herzblut regular already remixed Collective Machine & Spencer K’s ʻPhysicalismʼ which was released on Kaiserdisco’s label – KD Music and will also see him join forces with another longtime pal of his – Miss Kittin. Their release “June” will come out on the internationally known Berlin based label Mobilee, courageous use of melody and warm atmospheric tones.

2016, meanwhile, brings Nicolas and Oxia back together 15 years after the first time they met. This time, as well as working on great new music, they are also starting their own label, Diversions Music. As the name indicates the label is the soundboard for a diverse range of electronic music: from the melodic to some techy functional attitudes, from the dance floor friendly grooves to the deeper shades of the soul. Diversions Music is about the heart and not a style.

In 2018 Nicolas is happy to came back to his first love with melodies and soul to tell us some poetic things to the heart, like his forth coming release on Sapiens (Agoria’s label) called «Muse» where he achieved deeper sounds twisted with some balances introspection made with sexiness...

Nicolas chose a more emotional and personal line to express himself....


Nicolas Masseyeff - Invidia Ep - Diversions Music -  2017

Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff - Connivence ep - Diversions Music - 

Nicolas Masseyeff - Fug 224 - Systematic - 2016

Nicolas Masseyeff - Flagrance Ep - Systematic - 2015

Miss Kittin & Nicolas Masseyeff - June - Mobilee - 2015

Nicolas Masseyeff - Vero - Herzblut - 2014

Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff - You know - Noir Music - 2013

Nicolas Masseyeff - The Motherland (album) - Herzblut - 2011

Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff - Keep the Drum (Tsuba) - 2010

Nicolas Masseyeff - No More Time (Herzblut) - 2010

Nicolas Masseyeff - Modul 8 (Herzblut) - 2009

Nicolas Masseyeff - Kan/Puncture (Giant Wheel) - 2009

Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff - Trying Out (Systematic) - 2009

Nicolas Masseyeff - Asymetrik (Herzblut) - 2009

Nicolas Masseyeff - 1+1 Mélancolie d'Avril (Boxer) - 2008

Nicolas Masseyeff - Deva / Marie-Louise (Herzblut) - 2008

Vedrenn - Ribba /Rhagan (John Henry) - 2008

Vedrenn - Sound Is the Cure (John Henry) - 2007

Vedrenn - 100 Feet under the Floor - Harmonik - 2007

Vedrenn - Shift Command (John Henry) - 2006

Vedrenn - Hostage EP (Zebra) - 2006 



Dusty Kid - Milk (Nicolas Masseyeff remix) - Systematic - 2017

Artslaves - Loud Ep
(Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff remix) - Diversions Music - 2017

Piemont - Spin Off
(Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - Monaberry - 2016

Stephan Bodzin – Lila
(Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - Herzblut Recordings - 2015

Jaap Lighthart feat Alice Rose - I know Change
(Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - Selador - 2015

Spencer K & Collective Machine - Physycalism (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - KD Music - 2015

Eddy Romero - Back in London (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - ExpMental - 2015

Dave Seaman & Funk Agenda - Naughty Forest
(Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) Selador - 2014

Matthias Schaffhäuser -The Best Bad Idea (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - Mo’s ferry- 2014

Nicolas Gala - The Trap (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - Noir Music - 2014

Mihalis Safras - Deepia
(Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - Material - 2012

Deltano - Survival Instinct
(Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - Suara - 2012

Sql - Wiebel
(Nicolas Masseyeff Interpretation) - Chameleon Rec. - 2012

Marc Depulse - I Am Music
(Nicolas Masseyeff Dub Remix) - Ostwind - 2012

Hot Since 82 - Let It Ride
(Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - Noir Music - 2012

Chris Venola - Dirty Shoes
(Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - Dim Dim - 2011

Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy - Luna
(Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - Systematic - 2011

Darko Esser - Teardrops (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - Wolfskuil - 2010

Tocadisco - All that Night
(Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - Super Star - 2010

Alan Fitzpatrick - Scatter Cushions
(Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - Curfew - 2009

Adrien M - Epitaf
(Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - AutomatiX - 2009

F.E.X Vs. Nikitin & Semikashev - PM Express
(Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - Robotronic - 2009

Redj - Control the Uncontrolable (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) - Swap - 2008

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